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Double Down Custom Mineral

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Minerals play a vital role in the overall health of all wildlife including whitetail deer as well as other game and exotics. A healthy deer population can lead to higher recruitment rates, healthier fawn crops, greater body mass, larger antler growth potential and reduced overall stress of the animal when sufficient nutrients are supplied and consumed. Successful Vitamin and Mineral supplementation can be a key factor in year over year progression.
  • Double Down® Deer Feed Custom Minerals contains a Vitamin Package second to none in the industry with increased concentrations of Vitamin A, Vitamin D and Vitamin E. These Fat-Soluble Vitamins provide sustainable sources as they are stored in their fat and liver then are utilized when their bodies need it the most!
  • Contains key proteinates such as: Iron Proteinate, Zinc Proteinate, Copper Proteinate and Cobalt Proteinate!
  • A quality yeast culture to aid digestion, palatability as well as a healthy gut and rumen.
  • Contains proprietary attractants to aid in consumption and ensure your deer get what they need, when they need it the most!
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