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Double Down Deer Feed

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Double Down® Deer Feeds Original Custom Blend was originally formulated for the Holden Pasture Deer Lease, with zero intentions to take it to the market. We simply wanted more out of our feed. Double Down® Original Custom Blend was formulated with the highest quality ingredients, ZERO least cost rations, and ZERO grain by-products. It has almost 1000 lbs. of raw shelled peanuts, cottonseed meal and mineral pack per ton. In addition, it has quality yeast culture to help aid in digestion and a healthy rumen. And also contains one of the highest pelletized TDN (Total Digestible Nutrients) levels on the deer feed market today! Double Down® Deer Feed was developed with proven attractants to draw deer in and boost overall consumption. With that … Not only are your deer likely to eat more, but they will get more out of what they eat.
  • Custom Components Are The Cornerstone Of Double Down® Deer Feed, There Is More Than Just A Tag On A Bag.
  • Contains ZERO Least Cost Rations AND ZERO Grain By-Products!
  • Includes A Quality Yeast Culture To Aid In Digestion And Support  A Healthy Rumen.
  • Double Down® Contains One Of The Highest Pelletized TDN  (Total Digestible Nutrients) Levels On The Deer Feed Market Today!
  • Double Down® Was Developed With Proven Attractants To Draw Deer In And Boost Overall Consumption.
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